Steve Abee
Steven Edward Abee was born in Burke County in 1968. He graduate from East Burke High School in Icard, NC. After graduation, several furniture and machinery jobs kept him busy by day while he attended Western Piedmont Community College at night, studying Computer Science. Steven became good friends with a co-worker, who happened to be a pottery collector as well. After accompanying his friend to a few of Burlon Craig's kiln openings, Steven became a serious collector. He had been repairing broken pottery pieces as a hobby.

Inspired by the excitement of kiln openings and awed by old-time methods and wares, Steven produced a makeshift wheel and began making his own pottery. He had first been introduced to the wheel by Michael Calhoon of Bolick's Pottery in Blowing Rock, NC. Consequently, the wheels began turning in Steven's head as well, and in a few short years he was a full-time potter with an electric and a kick wheel, with an electric kiln and his own self-made underground groundhog kiln, and a pottery shop.

Steven and his wife, Rita, live in the Cajah's Mountain Community of Lenoir, NC. About three or four times a year, the smoke boils from the Abee kiln, turning out a wide variety of wares. These include face jugs, snake jugs, centerpieces, wig stands, vases, bowls, bird houses, and wine decanters with goblets. Also, Steven continues to create artistic pieces such as roosters, pigs, fish and figurals. Every kiln opening is sure to have a few unique pieces characteristic of Steven's keen imagination and skill. He has turned a variety of sizes of wares ranging from the tiniest of miniatures up to 12+ gallon pieces. His beautiful multi-colored swirls continue to be popular items at his sales, especially his recently perfected deep shade of red, which is rarely found in wood-fired pieces. Some of his pieces are embellished with seasonal applications such as dogwood bloom and holly leaves with berries.

Steven is dedicated to the old-time tradition of wood-firing, digging and mixing his own clay, and mixing his own glazes. However, he is open for continuous improvement in creativity and style.