Hal was born and raised in the Catawba Valley and lives in Lawndale, NC.

Primarily self taught, he has been making Catawba Valley Folk pottery since 1994 and has worked with well known area potters, such as Charles Lisk, Kim Ellington and participated in the "Millennium Burn" with Burlon Craig.

Keeping alive the Catawba Valley tradition of using native clay, traditional ash glazes from the 1800's and firing the pottery in his wood fired ground hog kiln reflects Hal's love of tradition within his community and heritage.

His pots and clay creations are expressions of his honor and love for this ancient craft. Hal continues the old tradition by making unique face jugs, including his collectible Native American faces, buggy jugs, candleholders and pitchers.

Catawba Valley is known as one of the folk pottery centers of the nation. Potters settling in the valley before the Civil War, used native clay simple ash glazes consisting of wood as, powdered glass and clay and fired in a wood fired kiln.
Hal Dedmond