A descendant of a Robbins, NC potter, Charlie Lisk determined himself to be a potter after only one class in pottery at Appalachian State University, where he graduated in 1975. After working for Pinehurst Pottery in Moore County for several years, fate brought Charlie and his wife, Nancy to Catawba County where none other but Burlon Craig was a close neighbor. Charlie fired his pottery in a gas iln, but he spent many hours watching and admiring Burlon's seemingly easy techniques. He developed an alkaline glaze, similar to Craigs, and he perfected his swirl wares. However, the alkaline glaze didn't turn out the same in a gas-fired kiln. In 1985 Charlie built his own groundhog kiln after Burlon's design and began making face jugs, along with a wide variety of wares including pitchers, vases, teapots, mugs, and old-fashioned storage vessels. Charlie is famous for beautiful swirl ware in two to six alternating colors, an ample supply of miniatures, and candle holders, as well as snake and face vessels. Like Burlon Craig, Charlie uses the lottery system at about five kiln openings a year. All his sales are prone to be complete sell-outs.
Charles Lisk